Sakneen Financing

Need help getting your financing in order to buy your next house? With Sakneen Financing, we will soon be able to offer you a digital mortgage application experience that will make buying your next home a walk in the park.

You can use your next mortgage up to 10 years to pay for any ready-to-move home of your choosing, or use that same mortgage to finish your next home.

Use our mortgage calculator to find out which mortgage you are eligible for based on your monthly income or the price of the house you are looking to purchase. Your monthly mortgage payment limit is 40% of your proven monthly income.

To proceed, sign up for our waitlist. All we ask is that you have the following documents ready as proof of payment.

Salary Letter+
Rental Agreements+
Bond Certificates=
Monthly Income

Mortgage Calculator

Home Price

750,000 EGP

Monthly Salary

22,400 EGP

Down Payment

150,000 EGP

Monthly Payment

9,000 EGP