Why is Sokhna The Next Big Thing?

November 17, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

Ain Al Sokhna is synonymous for most Egyptians with relaxation, but as the real estate industry continues to develop and 3 new cities are set to change the future, Ain Sokhna’s positioning as a second home destination is rapidly changing.

Strategically located an hour from Cairo, Ain Sokhna is the closest beach getaway from the capital city with good weather all-year round. The area was named after the natural hot springs that can be found in the desert and is considered an attractive destination for those looking for sun, sea and natural landscapes. Development in the area has since evolved the city into a peaceful getaway for home-owners looking for a quick escape, with more developers increasingly shifting their attention to the potential in the area.

Ain Sokhna is quickly becoming surrounded by 3 new major cities set to change the urban fabric as we know it. Ain Sokhna is conveniently located:

•      110km from New Cairo (approx. 1h 30min drive)
•      100km from the New Capital (approx. 1h 10min drive)
•      70km from New Galala City (approx. 45min drive)

Such close proximity to some of the most important cities in Egypt’s future has caused both developers and homebuyers to rethink Ain Sokhna as just a vacation home destination, with many people looking to invest in a home in Ain Sokhna as a permanent place of residence. As people make the move to the New Capital, a spillover effect is expected to happen in Ain Sokhna, as traffic moves towards this area and Ain Sokhna becomes a beach suburb. Much traffic is already being seen for the area, as demand grows more leisure and recreation activities to accommodate for the new attention.

Ain Sokhna’s unique offering as both a first & second home destination, as well as its attractive beach landscapes is setting it apart as a city to watch out for.

2-Bedroom Penthouse in La Vista Ray, Al Sokhna
3-Bedroom Chalet in Il Monte Galala, Al Sokhna
3-Bedroom Villa in Laguna Bay, Al Sokhna
4-Bedroom Villa in Baymount, Al Sokhna

Didn’t think a life by the beach could ever be a reality for you? Now you can think again.

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