5 Things to Look Out for in a Listing

March 27, 2022 by Nazli Kassem

We at Sakneen are committed to providing you with all the necessary information to make better decisions when you buy any property. The best real estate investment that you can make is the one that meets the needs of you and your families, which is why we as a team want to help you make the right decision.

We know that your search for a home can be tricky, so today we are telling you some of the things to look out for in any listing you may be interested in, whether its to rent or buy.

  1. When it comes to information, more is always more

Before clicking on the listing, you should see what the unit type is, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, BUA and land area, the monthly fee you would be paying to live there/ the total price to buy the place, and one clear picture of the house!

Once you click on the listing, you should get more information, such as general statistics about the project - this is always a plus for you to further indicate whether a property is in fact the right fit for your or not.

2. Amenties

Once you have clicked on the listing, any amenities should also be detailed in the home description - is the home equipped with a kitchen and/ ACs? Furnished? Finished? Are there any rooms available for your help? Does it have storage space? A garden? What would your proximity be to other areas/ main roads here?

Further details would include any recent renovations, floor to ceiling windows, parking spaces available, etc.

Any shared amenities e.g. clubhouse may also be included here.

3. Transparency about money

Make sure your landlord is very transparent about your monthly rent/ seller is specific about not only asking price, but any other costs (taxes, commission, etc.) and how the payment will be made/ over how long.

If renting: what is the monthly rent? Is a deposit required, if so how much, and is it refundable? Who pays for utilities/ quick fixes and updates to the house?

If buying: what is the payment plan? How much is the downpayment? Is there an interest rate, if so, what is it?

4. High-quality photos

A good variety of real pictures is important. Footage or a 3D tour (as featured on our website) is even better to give you a good idea of the property you are considering buying/ living in, and is very important.

An ideal listing includes both interior and exterior shots, as well as the floor plan. Pictures of any shared amenities may also be included here.

5. Clarity about location

Ideally, a fully immersive experience that is both visual and informative, as seen on Sakneen:

Once you have accumulated a number of listings that meet these requirements, you can comfortably compare properties and make the best possible, most informed real estate decision for you!

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