SODIC Casa vs. Palm Parks

November 8, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

At Sakneen, we are committed to helping you get all the information you need to make better home-buying decisions. We believe that the best real estate investment decision is the one that suits you and your individuals needs. In this blog post, we take you through the difference between SODIC Casa and Palm Parks.

SODIC Casa and Palm Parks (Palm Hills) are considered by many to be the amongst the best compounds for young couples looking to start their lives or smaller families due to their similar price points and product offerings. Both offer almost exclusively apartments (duplexes, penthouses and studios) while Palm Parks has an additional unique offering - the Type D Family House.


Palm Parks

Project Area



Unit Types


Type D Family Houses

No. of Units



No. of Floors

4 Floors + Penthouse

4 Floors + Penthouse

Finishing Type

Semi-Finished/ Fully Finished

Semi-Finished/ Fully Finished

Avg. Monthly Rent

2 Bedrooms - 12k to 15k
3 Bedrooms - 15K to 20K

2 Bedrooms - 10K to 15K
3 Bedrooms - 13K to 18K
Family House - 16K to 20K

Homes in SODIC Casa

Located in El Sheikh Zayed, Casa aims to redefine the concept of elegance by offering luxury apartments, entertainment facilities, F&B facilities, children's playing areas, a nursery and clubhouse all in one location.

Explore the different unit types in Casa available on Sakneen:

  • Apartments in Casa

Explore this 299-sqm, 4-bedroom apartment in Casa on Sakneen and pay a 1,125,000 down payment over 10 years with Sakneen Financing. Apply for financing for this home now.

  • Duplexes in Casa

This fully-furnished 354-sqm 3-Bedroom Duplex In Casa - with its own spacious private garden, a fully equipped kitchen and room for your help - is up for rent now on Sakneen. Move here for EGP 35,000 a month and be close to some of the best schools in town.

  • Penthouses in Casa

This financing eligible 4-Bedroom Penthouse In Casa has a maid's room, a private garden, and a terrace to enjoy sunny days and cosy nights on. Pay EGP 87,5000 now and the rest later, and start finishing your semi-finished home!

Homes in Palm Parks

Located in 6th of October, this project by Palm Hills Developments is located close to Dahshur road and near Wadi Degla and Juhayna Square. It is also strategically located with easy accessibility to roads to the New Administrative Capital and the Fifth Settlement.

Explore the different unit types in Palm Parks available on Sakneen:

  • Apartments in Palm Parks

Pay a 15% downpayment for this 2-Bedroom Apartment in Palm Parks and the rest in instalments over 8 years.

And if you aren't looking to buy, rent this 235-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Palm Parks for EGP 18,000 a month now through

  • Duplexes in Palm Parks

This fully-finished 208-sqm 3-Bedroom Duplex In Palm Parks is ready for you to furnish and move into - move now and pay later.

  • Penthouses in Palm Parks

Start paying for this 3-Bedroom Penthouse In Palm Parks over 8 years with a 15% downpayment and start making it your own in 2024.

  • Town House in Palm Parks

Start paying for this 320-sqm 3-Bedroom Town House In Palm Parks now and say hello to family barbecues and natural views here soon.

Start renting, buying or applying for financing now on