Sakneen Selects: Sustainable Living

November 13, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

Sustainable living is any lifestyle that allows us to reduce our demand for anything made up of natural resources - this can be achieved through the methods of transportation we take, the way we live within our homes, and even the way we spend our money - that's why we are showcasing some of the most eco-friendly/green/sustainable projects in Egypt to help you pave the way for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability also refers to the effective distribution of the population - the new cities in Egypt are the government's take on achieving this, or what is known as "urban expansion".

Explore sustainable homes on Sakneen.

Homes in The New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is a prime example of sustainable living. From traffic, to safety management, to road access, this city is set to be the epitome of it all.

This fully-finished 231-sqm 3-Bedroom Duplex in Atika checks all the above points - overlooking the Green River and away from the crowds, it is uniquely located directly on the Central Axis, giving it easy road-accessibility - a green, sustainable home in a green, sustainable city.

Live in this core and shell 300-sqm 4-Bedroom Twin House in Bleu Vert (by Saudi Egyptian Construction Company) and enjoy life in this sustainable city.

Homes in New Cairo

New Cairo is a second generation city - distinguishable by its easy road accessibility and water-sensitive urban design, the new city is an appealing sustainable living destination.

Explore this 170-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Mountain View iCity built according to world-class environmental standards, incorporating smart solutions to separate human and automotive traffic. Not to mention, the iVillas that are to be created with pioneering sustainability technology.

Another eco-sustainable development in New Cairo is none other than Mivida - powered by Philips, this community is solar-lit and full of green open spaces and nature valleys. Live in this financing eligible 2-Bedroom Apartment In Mivida now and pay for it later.

OUD launched Azadir to promote a greener, healthier living environment - with more than 80% of its land set to be covered by green spaces. With plans for an underground network of roads and parking spaces within this project should make it almost roadless, reducing air pollution within the community and making for a safer child-friendly community - start paying for this cosy 2-Bedroom Apartment In Azadir and become part of the green community by 2024.

Homes in Sheikh Zayed City

With plans to become more sustainable, a project for the rehabilitation of the Third District of Sheikh Zayed City for sustainable and green living was implemented in 2014 by the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and the Ministry of Housing.

With a green spine surrounding the project, make this 140-sqm 2-Bedroom Apartment In Belle Vie your home and start living your sustainable life now.

A Sustainable Vacation Home

If you are looking for a sustainable, green vacation home, we also have you covered with this 165-sqm 3-Bedroom Chalet In Bo Islands with its very own private garden and lagoon view. What makes this project sustainable? A unique energy efficient ultrasonic filtration system - which uses 2% of the energy required by a standard filtration system - ensuring the lowest consumption of energy and water possible!

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