Sakneen Secures Y Combinator Investment

June 15, 2020 by Nazli Kassem

We are proud to announce that Sakneen has been backed by Y Combinator in its mission to help homebuyers digitally search for and buy homes in Egypt.

The Silicon Valley based incubator was an early investor behind household names such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, and Stripe. Their top 100 companies alone have grown to be worth $155 Bn USD.

Our mission is simple & global - to help millions of aspiring homebuyers find their homes.

Today, finding the right home is a time-consuming and overwhelming process that wastes valuable time, money, and effort. Moreover decisions are often influenced by commission structures and not the needs of the homebuyer. Sellers also lose out on opportunities simply because the buyer wasn’t aware of the seller’s offering.

We’re looking to reinvent the real estate process. Standing in the way of a better real estate experience is disorganized public information, mismatched incentives in the sales process, and a lack of transparency around financials. Sakneen is building the technology that will help tackle all three with the vision of turning the struggle of finding a home into a joy for millions of homebuyers.

Our first task is to bring transparency to the search process by helping real estate developers and sellers connect directly with potential buyers. While the need for a superior digital experience was always clear, it was only made more urgent by the impact of COVID-19.

Whether you’re actively shopping, selling or just daydreaming about real estate, we encourage you to visit Sakneen and subscribe to our mailing list - you’ll be the first to know when our platform is live.

For the ambitious looking to join our journey, we’re hiring elite software development and marketing talent - check out the Sakneen Careers page and find your place in our family.

Real estate developers, we’re ready for you today. Fill out the developer-specific form on Sakneen and we’ll be in touch to schedule a demo of how we can onboard your entire inventory in the space of a few minut