Rental Breakdown in Maadi

December 7, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

At Sakneen, we are committed to helping you get all the information you need to make better home-buying decisions. We believe that the best real estate investment decision is the one that suits you and your individual needs. In this blog post, we take you through a rental breakdown of Maadi.

Maadi is is filled with multinational organizations, embassies, and some of the best International schools in town. Some of the main streets and landmarks in Maadi include Road 9, Nahda Square, Degla Square, and the Cairo American College.

Homes west of the train tracks by Road 250 tend to be more expensive, with generally greener, calmer, and more residential zones.

Rental Breakdown in Central Maadi

Homes in Maadi on Sakneen:

For a monthly fee of EGP 28,000, this 3-Bedroom Penthouse in Degla Square made up of 220-sqm can be your home now.

For EGP 50,000 a month, enjoy this furnished 300-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in the calm streets of Nahda Square.

A 230-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Sarayat El Maadi will rent for around EGP 31,000 a month - and it'll save you the hassle of furnishing!

Another furnished option is this 150-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Victoria Square, for a monthly fee of EGP 16,000.

Located in Street 12 B, this modern and newly furnished 3-Bedroom Apartment is 200-sqm you can live in for EGP 40,000 a month.

On the fourth floor of its building, this 3-Bedroom Apartment in Street 200 is 175-sqm of space for EGP 18,500 a month. Here, you will find a concierge and cleaning service, ACs, and more.

In a secure area with embassies all around, this 200-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment In Street 205 with ACs in the reception is EGP 28,000 a month.

Another 200-sqm apartment, this 3-Bedroom in Street 206 with 5 ACs and other essential appliances can be yours now for EGP 28,000 a month.

This semi-furnished 260-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Street 210 for EGP 16,000 is also fully-equipped with all the appliances and ACs you may need.

Here is a fully-furnished 280-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Street 216 for EGP 15,500 a month- make the green views here your own.

Equipped with ACs, this 200-sqm 3-Bedroom Apartment in Street 231 is ready for you to furnish and make your own for EGP 13,000 a month - start enjoying the peacefulness of the calm streets here now.

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