Penthouse vs. Duplex: The Key Differences

November 17, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

Ever wondered what the fundamental differences between duplexes and penthouses really are?

At Sakneen, we are committed to helping you get all the information you need to make better home-buying decisions. We believe that the best real estate investment decision is the one that suits you and your individuals needs. In this blog post, we walk you through the difference between a duplex and a penthouse.

As shown in the above visual, a duplex is a home made up of a ground floor and a first floor, usually accompanied by a garden. The total built up area of this home is equally split on the two floors.

On the other hand, a penthouse is a higher floor usually accompanied by a roof which is smaller than the floor below it - this is why penthouses are generally smaller than duplexes.

Penthouses on Sakneen

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Duplexes on Sakneen

This spacious 470-sqm 5-Bedroom Duplex In Al Shouyfat, New Cairo is located in one of the most prestigious areas in New Cairo, characterized by wide, calm streets - be close to some of the best universities and schools in town with this one.

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