How to make smart real estate investment decisions with Sakneen

October 30, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

Did you know that you can use Sakneen to help you make more calculated and smart real estate investments?

At Sakneen, we are committed to helping you get all the information you need to make better home-buying decisions. We believe that the best real estate investment decision is the one that suits you and your individuals needs and so as a team, we are constantly thinking of different ways to help you do so.

The latest comes from our own Head of Expansion, Youssef Noureldin, on how one can use rent & financing to get your own cash-generating asset - read on to find out how:

Let us walk you through how:

1. Find a house that is eligible for financing/mortgage

1- Find a house that is eligible for financing/mortgage - preferably a fully-finished apartment like this one.

You can use our “Has real-estate financing” filter to find these more easily

Has real-estate financing filter

or look out for homes labeled with this green tick:

Homes with real-estate financing on Sakneen

2. Make sure that the neighbourhood is actively rented

Make sure that the neighborhood is actively rented - look within your personal network, ask around, to find out how much demand for rent there is for this neighborhood. You can also do your research online using Sakneen's rent section:

Searching for Rent on Sakneen
Homes for rent on Sakneen

3. Use a mortgage calculator

Can you make this real-estate investment? Use the mortgage calculator (on to determine minimum down payment and monthly mortgage instalment.

Sakneen mortgage calculator

The calculator will help you determine the payment terms that will best suit you (your financial status).

4. Find out the expected monthly rent of the house

Find out the expected monthly rent of this house, and whether it will need some more spending to be ready for rent.

5.  Apply for mortgage

If the figure works for you, apply for mortgage (and get preliminary approval on within 48 hours!).

Once the transaction is complete, your tenants are ready to move in.

6. Start renting the house out!

Once the house is yours, you can start renting out said house and start reaping the benefits of your smart real estate investment decision.

How it all comes together:

- Monthly mortgage instalment - monthly rent from the financed home = actual cash outflow
- Assuming renting this house for EGP18,000/month (in the first year) and paying the mortgage installment over 10 years.
- The rent escalates at an average of 10% every year and the house value appreciates as well !
- After 10 years, the house value will be approx. EGP 8mn assuming a 10% annual escalation in the house market

Apply for financing now on for any home under our "has real-estate financing" filter.