Rental Breakdown in Zamalek

November 7, 2021 by Nazli Kassem
Rental Breakdown in Zamalek

At Sakneen, we are committed to helping you get all the information you need to make better home-buying decisions. We believe that the best real estate investment decision is the one that suits you and your individuals needs. In this blog post, we take you through the difference between North and South Zamalek.

Zamalek can be split up into North and South Zamalek. North Zamalek is considered to be more commercial; there are many schools, universities, administrative offices, and shopping areas within this area. While on the other hand, South Zamalek is more expensive to rent in due to its close proximity to the Gezira Sporting Club, the Opera House, and the Cairo Tower.

Homes in North Zamalek on

Mohamed Maraashly

This bright, fully furnished 120-sqm  2-Bedroom Apartment in Mohamed Maraashly up for rent on Sakneen has a unique Nile view and a central location. For EGP 25,000 a month, this can be your new home.

Mohamed Mazhar

This charming 3-Bedroom Apartment in Mohamed Mazhar is made up of 100-sqm and will cost you EGP 13,000 a month.

Ahmed Heshmat

This 140-sqm 2-Bedroom Apartment in Ahmed Heshmat for EGP 31,000 a month is perfect for just you and your roommate or significant other. Get ready to achieve the best work-life balance for a new start at this one!

Bahgat Ali

This fully furnished 2-bedroom Apartment in Bahgat Ali is is made up of 140-sqm and will cost you EGP 20,000 a month.

Taha Hussein

This 150-sqm 2-Bedroom Apartment in Taha Hussein Street is fully furnished and ready for you to move into at your own convenience for just EGP 13,000 a month.

South Zamalek Rental Breakdown

Al Mansour Mohamed

This fully furnished 150-sqm 3-Bedroom Penthouse in Al Mansour Mohamed features a spacious 150-sqm terrace decorated with a variety of plants and a sitting area - make this your home for EGP 38,000 a month.

Hassan Sabri

This 300-sqm 4-Bedroom Apartment In Hassan Sabri with a reception area, a room for your help, private bathrooms, an open kitchen with marble flooring, and a spectacular Nile view is ready for you to furnish and move into for EGP 63,000 a month.

Al Gabaleya

This furnished 155-sqm 2-Bedroom Apartment in Al Gabalaya will cost you EGP 39,000 a month for the perfect Nile view and prime location.

Al Aziz Othman

Enjoy your morning coffee outdoors on your balcony in this tastefully refurbished 150-sqm 2-Bedroom Apartment in Al Aziz Othman for EGP 25,000 a month.

El Gezirah

This spacious 220-sqm 3-bedroom apartment in El Gezirah in one of the most prime, high-end locations within Zamalek is ready for you to furnish and move into for EGP 50,000 a month.

Whether North or South Zamalek better suit your needs, we have you covered.

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