Core and Shell, Semi-Finished, and Fully Finished: Key Differences

November 9, 2021 by Nazli Kassem

At Sakneen, we are committed to helping you get all the information you need to make better home-buying decisions. We believe that the best real estate investment decision is the one that suits you and your individuals needs.

The different finishing types can be confusing, but knowing the details of each can make all the difference when it comes to determining how much you are willing to spend on your future home. In this blog post, we take you through the difference between the home finishing types typically offered by developers in Egypt today: core & shell, semi-finished, and fully finished.

Different Home Finishing Types

Core and Shell

Homes that are delivered ‘core and shell’ are usually homes that have the installation of the basic structure of the house - the core of the house and the shell (walls) - without any additional finishing.

A ‘core and shell’ home will usually be delivered with columns, a concrete slab, and brick walls.

Example of a core & shell home on Sakneen:

Click here to explore this 5-Bedroom Villa in Madinaty on Sakneen. This lake-view property is built up on 400-sqm, with a land area of 680sqm - making for a very spacious garden.


After core and shell comes semi-finished. The terms are often confused, and used interchangeably despite some noticeable differences between the two. A semi-finished home is one that is in a form that is easily workable into a finished product.

Expect to find that a semi-finished home will look similar to a core & shell home, however with the addition of basic electricity, plumbing, plastering, an entrance door and glass windows fitted in.

Example of a semi-finished home on Sakneen:

Click here to view this semi-finished 378-sqm 3-Bedroom Town House in The Square, New Cairo with a spacious private garden is ready for finishing.

Fully Finished

A fully finished home is a home that is ready to move into - this is the most liveable level of finishing and the most attractive offering for most people as it requires less budget to finish the home yourself. A fully finished home will typically be delivered with doors, floor tiles, paint, ACs and window shutters.

Example of a fully finished home on Sakneen:

This 4-Bedroom Villa in Allegria, Sheikh Zayed with plenty of natural light is the perfect fully-finished home to start furnishing and living in now.  

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